Newsletter, Team

Jeffrey Works

Allen, Craig*1, , Works, J.*2,
1 CEA- Staff Chair, , Harrisburg, AR, 72432
2 CEA-Agriculture, , Harrisburg, AR, 72432

Poinsett County has a diverse cropping system which covers 377,000 acres and split down the center by Crowley's Ridge. The Western half of Poinsett County is predominantly cropped in a Rice and Soybean rotation with some Soft Red Winter Wheat production, while Eastern half is made up of Cotton, Rice, Soybeans, Wheat, Corn and Grain Sorghum. Newsletters in the county are prepared by Craig Allen and myself as a team effort for individual crops and distributed via direct mail and electronically via email to our producer list which contains 243 individuals. Newsletter topics emphasizing IPM and containing timely information on production practices such as planting, fertility, weed control, insect control and irrigation and harvest managment are written and distributed throughout the growing season.