Published Photo

Kapil Arora
Field Agricultural Engineer
Iowa State University Extension

Swine production buildings, used as deep pit confinement buildings, are subject to corrosive elements leading to deterioration of building roof. Such deterioration of the building roof is not visible on the surface but over time corrosion can cause the section of the roof or the entire roof needing to be replaced. Potential exists for pit gases and moisture being ventilated from pit fans, as seen in the photograph, to enter into the attic and condense on the roof metal. This condensate can consist of a weak sulfuric acid resulting in corrosion of roof metal. As such, the roof life is shortened significantly and forcing the facility owner to absorb the cost of replacing the roof. Such corrosion of the roof metal can be minimized by placing a new vent on the gable end of the building away from the pit fans while the soffit vents just above the pit fans can be closed permanently. The author took this photograph to show this new vent that had been constructed just behind the feed bins; while also showing the rusted roof metal that had to be replaced. The photograph shows a new vent on the gable end which is not constructed on typical confinement swine production facilities. The photograph was taken to be included in the news article to promote swine building maintenance workshops. This news article by Wallaces Farmer is attached with this entry along with the original photograph.