Published Photo

John Porter
Extension Educator/Assistant Professor
Nebraska Extension

The CUSP Scholars program is a UNL program funded by the Buffett foundation that brings cohorts of students from Rwanda for four years of undergrad education.  During the summer, students engage in learning activities on campus and throughout the state.  During this session, I led a two week course on gardening and horticulture for a group of 25 Rwandan exchange students.  Using my experiences traveling in Rwanda, I engaged the students in discussions of the need for increased food production in the country and upcoming investments in hydroponics and developed hands-on experiences using materials that should be easily found in the country.  

The photo was published as part of an article I wrote for the Garden Professors Blog titled "DIY Hydroponics: Going soil-less at home and abroad" in addition to various social media posts about the program. Sharing the story of the program through photos and articles is key to highlighting the successes of the program in helping give Rwandans tools to address the issues in their country when they return. 

The article was also published to meet the demand for information on small-scale home hydroponics.

The audience for the Garden Professors Blog consists of home gardeners and horticulture professionals interested in evidence-based gardening information.  The blog has over 50,000 viewers and subscribers on Wordpress  and Facebook.  The article containing this photo has been viewed at least 800 times since publication in October 2019.