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Heather Jennings
Extension Agent II
Mississippi State University

Jennings, H.*1,
1 Extension Agent II, Mississippi State University, Brandon, MS, 39042

~~The importance of keeping clientele updated on various educational opportunities and summarizing programs and meetings is imperative.  Currently, social media is one of the main avenues clientele use to look for these opportunities and programs, therefore, it is vital that we keep an up to date social media site for our county extension offices.  Social media also serves as one of our main recruitment tools for these educational programs and organizations.  The Facebook social media site: Rankin County 4-H ( is maintained by myself.  Upcoming programs, meetings, educational opportunities, results and many other informational items, announcements and pictures are posted on this page.   Over the past year, March 16, 2019-March 4, 2020, the Rankin County 4-H Facebook page has generated 151 new page likes (n=908) and the average number of daily total reaches was 186.7, which includes the number of people who had any content from the Rankin County 4-H Facebook page enter their screen (n=65,907).  During the same time period, there were 117 page posts or post shares by Rankin County 4-H.  The 117 page posts reached 34,832 people and engaged 11,923 people. This information was generated by using the Insight information on Rankin County 4-H’s Facebook page.