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Albert Orgeron
Area IPM Specialist
LSU AgCenter


Albert J. Orgeron

Area Pest Management Specialist

Louisiana State University Agricultural Center

Southeast Region


Sugarcane is the most valuable row crop commodity in Louisiana, annually contributing over 2 billion dollars to the state’s economy.  Sugarcane is produced in 24 of 64 Louisiana parishes and is grown on over 460,000 acres, annually.  The Sugar Bulletin is a trade publication developed and published by the American Sugar Cane League.  Over 1400 copies of The Sugar Bulletin are printed and mailed monthly to Louisiana sugarcane growers, processors, landowners, county agents, and consultants, as well as select members of the Florida and Texas sugarcane industries.  The objective of this column is to provide current research-based information and recommended practices for weed management strategies in Louisiana sugarcane production.  Since January 2018, the author’s column has been published 19 times.  Growers have reported that they utilized the information provided in the columns to aid in weed management decisions and to remain informed about pesticide labeling changes.  The author is responsible for the content of the columns.