Personal Column

Jennifer Werlin
Extension Educator
University of Idaho Extension

In the Teton Valley News Farm-to-Fork Column, the objective is to introduce readers to various community food system topics covered by Extension programming in Teton County, Idaho such as gardening/horticulture, small farms, and food security and access. The purpose of the monthly column is to raise awareness about relevant food system and agriculture topics in the Teton mountain region, located in the Yellowstone-Teton Ecosystem of southeastern Idaho. It is also intended to help advertise for county and state-wide Extension programs. The column has run continuously and existed since early 2017. The audience of over 22,000 newspaper subscribers primarily includes adult members of the public, particularly those interested in growing their own food or buying directly from farm and ranch producers in the small, rural community. The column is written and edited by the county chair and only Extension Educator for the county Jennifer Werlin, who specializes in Community Food Systems. The Farm-to-Fork newspaper columns are also replicated and printed for the quarterly Extension newsletter for Teton County, Idaho. Over 200 printed copies of the newsletters are distributed throughout the county of 10,000 residents at the Extension office, community bulletin boards, and health food stores. Newsletters are also posted on the University of Idaho county webpage and emailed to approximately 200 email subscribers.