Fact Sheet

Sandra Wick
District Extension Agent, Crop Production
K-State Research & Extension
Post Rock Extension District #1

Wick, S.*1,
1 District Extension Agent, Crop Production, K-State Research & Extension, Smith Center, KS, 66967

Agronomic leasing arrangements have been extremely volatile, in the last couple of years, due to the increased cost of inputs along with low commodity prices and decreasing land values. Nearly 90 percent of operations use rented land and because rented land is so important in farming operations, the rental arrangements between landowners and producers can have significant impacts on the risk and returns of those operations. Thus, it is crucial that landowners and tenants understand how different rental arrangements affect their operations. The objective of this particular fact sheet was to inform the landowners, tenants, financial institutions and producers of the agronomic leasing arrangements in the five counties of the Post Rock Extension District. The purpose was to provide an additional source of agronomic leasing arrangements for the parties mentioned above in the areas of dryland cropland, pasture, crop residue management and recreational leasing in the Post Rock Extension District. It is critical that producers are provided with all tools for their cropping systems in order to maximize their profitability. Survey returns ranged from 19-33%.  The fact sheet was published and posted January 2020 on the Post Rock Extension District website: http://www.postrock.ksu.edu.  Walk-ins to each of the Extension Offices also requested the report with distribution of approximately 450. The report was also displayed in the publication stands in each of the five Extension District offices along with distributed at other workshops and meetings throughout the District.  The fact sheet was prepared in the Extension Office on a computer using Publisher.