Educational Video Recordings

Cassie Homan
District Agent
K-State Research and Extension
Post Rock District

Homan, C.*1,
1 District Agent, K-State Research and Extension, Beloit, KS, 67420

This video was made with Golden Prairie District's Horticulture Agent Pallace Messer. We had been receiving numerous calls about pine tree issues. Clients would call and say their pines are turning brown and immediately ask what to spray. As you learn in the video, it's not that easy. There are numerous diseases in Kansas, but often the tree is simply stressed environmentally. 

The video was made for residents in North Central and Western Kansas. It was published on our YouTube Channel and on both Golden Prairie and Post Rock Extension's Facebook. We use it as a guide for people with questions. I can lead them to the video link, instead of going out to examine every tree.

We plan to use this video yearly as a reminder of when to spray and the best choices of chemicals. The video has gotten 60 views on YouTube and 705 views on Facebook, there were also 210 engagements on Facebook, meaning the video was liked, shared, and commented on. The video was produced with the help of our Social Media Manager, Shannon Rogers.  

It can be found on YouTube here: