Feature Story

Kalyn Waters
CED/Agriculture Agent
University of Florida

Waters, K.*1,
1 CED/Agriculture Agent, University of Florida, Bonifay, FL, 32425

Online newsletters are becoming a key source of information for cattle producers in the U.S. Progressive Cattlemen is a printed national magazine, with an international electronic newsletter.  Objectives: The objectives of this article were to 1) educate producers on the importance of the development and conditioning of young bulls for their future fertility and 2) provide information and educational content to seedstock producers on proper bull development. Method: This article was written by the agent for Progressive Cattlemen, a national publisher who provided electronic and printed publications to cattle producers across the United States. This article was featured in both the E-newsletter and printed magazine (circulations of 50,601). Results: Publication of this article resulted in the article being featured to the 50,601 subscribers receiving the printed magazine. In addition, the article received 7,570 online views (3,443 from e-newsletters, 3,474 from social media, and 453 directly from the website) with 116 views coming from direct online searches (i.e. Google) showing the article was specifically searched for by clientele.  In addition to is publication in the trade journal, this article has been published in 7 bull sale catalogs, validating its content in the industry, including publications in the fall of 2019 and winter of 2020. Of the 517 articles printed in 2019, this article was the #1 viewed and referenced article for Progressive Cattlemen. Conclusion: The importance of this topic was made evident through the readership it received. In addition, the direct searches and publication in bull sale catalogs prove the relevance and impact of the article in the industry.