Bound Book/eBook

Edward Olsen
Extension Agent
Virginia Cooperative Extension
Henrico County

Olsen, E.1, , Durham, L.2,
1 Extension Agent, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Henrico, VA, 23273
2 Office Administration/Education Specialist, Henricopolis Soil and Water Conservation District, Henrico, VA, 23228

In the fall of 2019 the agent hosted an entomological outreach event called the Henrico Bug Bizarre!  This was an integrated program that incorporated youth, entomology and many partners.  Sixteen different partners provided 26 exhibits, some of which included live insects for participants to see, touch and interact with.  Very early in the planning process for this event, the agent was very interested in providing to attendees a bug themed coloring/activity book that would not just be a coloring book but align with the educational principles of an extension-based program.  An exhaustive search of extension and government sites did not result in any significant potential publications.  At that point a collaborative agreement was developed with the office administrator/education specialist with the Henricopolis Soil and Water Conservation District to locally produce a coloring/activity book.  In producing the coloring/activity book, the agent conceptualized, wrote and designed the book.  Ms. Durham was the illustrator of the book.  The book was completed in June 2019.  500 copies of the twelve-page book were produced with funding provided by Henrico County.  Over half of the books were distributed at the Henrico Bug Bizarre! event along with a four-pack of crayons that were donated by a local grocery store.  Additional copies of the book have been distributed at other outreach events.