Learning Module/Notebook

Adam Huber & Jason Phillips
Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Agent
University of Kentucky

Huber, A.*1, , Phillips, J.*2,
1 , , Scottsville, KY, 42164
2 Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Agent, University of Kentucky, Franklin, KY, 42134

~~The Allen County and Simpson County Cooperative Extension Services have teamed up to bring clientele a video series entitled In The Field with UK Extension. This video series is designed to address timely topics pertaining to agriculture, natural resources and horticulture. The videos are captured “In The Field” and connect viewers with research based information from the University of Kentucky. New episodes are posted on You Tube, county websites, social media and promoted through flyers, newsletters, radio, email, social media and local businesses in both counties. Each episode features a different topic relative to stakeholders in our area. Viewers are informed about the featured topic through hands-on demonstrations, tips, instructions and information that can be easily implemented by viewers. Recent episodes include the following topics: whip grafting fruit trees, frost seeding clover and raised bed garden construction. All episodes have been recorded, edited, and published by the Allen and Simpson County Extension Agents for Agriculture and Natural Resources. The video series has received positive feedback from viewers on quality and content. Viewers have reported increased knowledge after watching various episodes and some have implemented practices featured in the videos. All the videos have received a total of 2,006 views and engagements and are growing in popularity.  The raised bed garden video serves as an in depth step by step demonstration on how a viewer can build his/her own raised bed garden. The materials utilized are listed in University of Kentucky publication ID-248, “Gardening In Small Spaces”.  

Linked below is the You Tube video link.