Computer Generated Presentation with Script

Matthew March
County Extension Agent- Agriculture
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

March, M.*1,
1 County Extension Agent- Agriculture, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Livingston, TX, 77351

The objective of this presentation was to educate landowners, wildlife managers, and wildlife educators about bobwhite quail (Colinus virginiaus). This included reasons for population declines locally and range wide, life history, habitat requirements, and evaluation of different habitats in the piney woods region of Texas. Additionally, a goal was for participants to grasp management steps needed to improve habitat quality for bobwhite quail. Bobwhite quail has a long history as an important part of the natural heritage in Texas including the piney woods. Historically, populations were robust and quail hunting was a popular past time in the piney woods. However, due to mostly habitat change bobwhite quail are now absent from most of the piney woods region of the state.  The purpose of this presentation was not to only educate participants, but hopefully encourage and result in habitat management practices to reverse the population decline.  This presentation was assisted with PowerPoint slides and was presented to approximately 35 participants as part of game management seminar series and advanced training for Master Naturalists. I was the sole author and presenter of this presentation.