Feature Story

Stanley J Moore
Extension Dairy Educator

Moore, S.J.*1,
1 Extension Dairy Educator, MSU EXTENSION, Bellaire, MI, 49615

The purpose of this article was share from my experience in working with farms going through a generational transition. In the article I share two fictitious farm scenarios, although they are based on real world examples. One farm has waited too long to begin the transition process, while other has started at a more ideal time. The goal of the article was to encourage farmers to begin the farm transition process while the senior generation is 40 to 50 years old, and the younger generation is in their 20's. It is important to begin the transition process at an earlier age because: transitions take time, risk tolerance decreases with age, and waiting means a missed opportunity to mentor the next generation. I authored and submitted the article to Progressive Dairy magazine and the article appeared in the August 25, 2019 edition. The Progressive Dairy magazine has a total circulation of 26,915 nationwide, reaching dairy farmers throughout the United States. Farms that begin the transition process when the next generation is in their 20's have more flexibility in the tools they can use, and have a higher rate of successful transfer.