Maegan A Perdue
Agent Associate

Worcester County

Perdue, M. A.*1, , Moyle, J.R.2, , Rhodes, J. L.3,
1 Agent Associate, University of Maryland Extension, Snow Hill, MD, 21863
2 Poultry Specialist, University of Maryland Extension, Salisbury, MD, 21804
3 Principal Agent, University of Maryland Extension, Centreville, MD, 21617

The Delmarva Peninsula comprises the eastern shore of Maryland, Delaware and the eastern shore of Virginia. Many residents regularly cross the Maryland and Delaware state line to purchase farm supplies. This includes live chick purchases from farm stores. Commercial poultry production drives the economy of the entire Delmarva Peninsula. Backyard flocks are also common throughout the area. It is vital that backyard flocks are kept healthy and owners practice biosecurity to prevent the spread of disease from their flocks to commercial flocks. The Small Flock Production in Maryland and Delaware brochure was developed to give small flock owners basic information about poultry health and biosecurity. The brochure also gives information about registering flocks with the Maryland and Delaware Departments of Agriculture. The brochure was developed to be eye appealing and has been placed in several farm stores in the region as well as given out at three small flock educational meetings held throughout Delaware in February 2020. The audience for this brochure is small flock producers in Maryland and Delaware. 129 brochures were distributed at small flock educational meetings in Delaware. An additional 100 brochures have been placed in farm stores throughout the region where chicks are currently being sold. The Agriculture agent designed, compiled the information contained in the brochure and sent it out for printing.