Published Photo

Brooklyne Wassel
County Extension Agent
University of Georgia

Caption read, “#gotmilk ? While visiting the #niftytifty #dairyfarm Pike County’s #extensionagent learned about opportunities for youth with #livestockshow interest. Do you have an interest in showing dairy? (Cow, glass of milk, and clover emoji) #dairyindustry #ugaextension #agriculture #youthinagriculture #4h #4hlivestock #ga4h #4hgrowshere #makethebestbetter #pikecountyga #dairyheifer #showcalf”

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This educational photo was captured during a new agent training in March 2019 conducted in Tifton, Georgia at the University of Georgia’s dairy with a county provided iPhone 6 camera. It was published as a part of an ongoing social media campaign to educate the Pike County, Georgia community about the role of the County Agent and the opportunities that are afforded to youth through the local Extension office. The Pike County community has been without an agent for numerous years, and through the absence of an agent, community members are unsure of the role Extension plays. Social media plays a critical role in educating the public, and this particular campaign helps to answer those questions by establishing credibility through showing day to day activities and illuminating opportunities. While Facebook caters to a wide audience, Instagram is able to connect with not just parents but the youth of the county which was the target audience for this dual purpose agent credibility and livestock showing post. This post reached 158 individual accounts and accumulated 26 direct contacts. Four individuals researched the Pike County Extension’s main page due to the post, and one parent requested more information on livestock showing. Within a community of less than 19,000 residents, this reach was considered successful for a less than a year-old Instagram campaign.