Computer Generated Presentation with Script

Tina L. Kohlman
University of Wisconsin Madison Division of Extension

Kohlman, T.L.*1, , Plaster, S.2,
1 DAIRY & LIVESTOCK AGENT, University of Wisconsin Madison Division of Extension, Fond Du Lac, WI, 54935
2 Extension Agriculture Agent, University of Wisconsin Division of Madisn, West Bend, WI,

A top reproductive program defines a successful dairy.  Getting cows pregnant in a timely manner is one of the more important aspects of managing an efficient dairy.  Reproductive performance directly influences the calving rate in a timely manner allowing cows to spend more time in peak production rather than extending the low production days of late lactation, and the number of dairy replacements raised and available for the milking herd.  


The key to successful reproduction, simply put, is breeding cows when they are ready to be bred. But a limiting factor is heat detection.  Management practices and technologies have been adopted by industry over the last 25 years to help minimize limited heat detection. However, the key to success with these practices is compliance, or following the protocols.


For a local Dairy Genetics InSight Meeting, Extension Dairy & Livestock Agent Tina Kohlman and Extension Agriculture Educator Stephanie Plaster co-developed and presented “ Maximize Profit Capture:  Focus on Compliance” at two separate meetings reaching approximately 25 individuals in total. The purpose of the presentation was to teach individuals the financial impact of a reproductive program and why compliance is an important step within a profitable dairy operation.


Based on post-meeting evaluations, respondents indicated they increased their knowledge +0.7 points (on a five-point Likert scale)on the importance and impact of reproductive compliance. As a result of the half-day meeting, a respondents indicated they would look at the economic impacts of compliance, and incorporate beef semen into the bottom end of the herd.  


This presentation was developed utilizing the online Google Slides application.