Computer Generated Presentation with Script

William J Bamka
Rutgers University
Burlington County

Bamka, W.J.*1, , Komar, S.J.2,
1 COUNTY AGENT II, Rutgers University, Mt.Holly, NJ, 08060
2 Agricultural Agent, Rutgers Cooperative Extension, Newton, NJ, 07886

A side show demonstration was developed to assist growers interested in marketing hemp and hemp products.  In response to the 2018 Farm Bill, industrial hemp production questions have increased significantly in New Jersey.  Based on the increased interest, Rutgers Cooperative Extension innitiated the Rutgers Hemp Team.  This team conducted several educational programs and innitiated the development of field research trials to assist growers.  One presentation entitled, "Marketing Hemp" was developed by members of the team.  This presentation was delivered during two educational programs with a total attendance of over 200 interested producers.