Event Promotional Package

Aerica Bjurstrom
University of Wisconsin Madison Division of Extension

Bjurstrom, A.*1,
1 AGRICULTURE AGENT, University of Wisconsin Madison Division of Extension, Kewaunee, WI, 54216

The year 2019 was a challenge for farmers starting with a cold, wet spring, a colder than average summer, followed by record breaking rain fall through December. The challenging year resulted in poor quality harvests and significant soil compaction and soil quality damage. A crops and soils program was developed by Aerica Bjurstrom, Agriculture Agent – Kewaunee County to address what farmers could see in the fields and on the farm based on the 2019 growing season.

The program called Preparing for 2020: Soil & Forage Meeting was planned and carried out by Aerica Bjurstrom. Promotional methods included a flyer (content and photo developed by Aerica Bjurstrom, layout by support staff Erin Dahle), a tv spot including Aerica Bjurstrom (produced by Millaine Wells), and a promotional Ripl video created by Aerica Bjurstrom (photos, content, and design by Aerica Bjurstrom). Other promotional pieces included a press release and radio spot. Sixteen people attended the meeting. All three pieces were posted on social media (Facebook and Twitter). The flyer was emailed to a mailing list consisting of 355 farmers and agriculture professionals. The video was part of the Midwest Farm Weekly television program on WFRV Green Bay, WI, and posted on the WFRV website.

The goal of the program was to increase the knowledge of attendees on soil health and feeding livestock after a difficult harvest year. Impact would be measured by how attendees would implement newly gained knowledge in their jobs and on the farm. Certified Crop Advisors received 2.5 Continuing Education Credits for attending the program.