Computer Generated Presentation with Script

Elizabeth Bosak
Field & Forage Crops Educator
Penn State Extension
Dauphin and Perry

Bosak, E.*1,
1 Field & Forage Crops Educator, Penn State Extension, Dauphin, PA, 17018

Poison hemlock (Conium maculatum) is a highly toxic biennial weed with an expanding distribution in Pennsylvania.  This weed is of concern to any gardener, landowner, livestock owner, and farmer because of its toxicity and because it can be easily confused with two other related plant species that are widespread in gardens, fencerows, pastures, hayfields, and at times, crop fields.  Management of this weed can be particularly challenging because people often do not notice an infestation until it is flowering and past the optimum stage to manage.  The goal of this video was to teach people how to identify poison hemlock on their own at the rosette/vegetative stage and the flowering stage.  A two-minute narrated PowerPoint presentation was developed using Camtasia and published on Penn State Extension’s website and YouTube channel (  The video includes a brief written description on Penn State Extension’s website (  Since publication on November 18, 2019, the video has been used in two in-person programs for private and commercial pesticide applicators and viewed seventy two times on YouTube.