Search for Excellence in Environmental Quality, Forestry and Natural Resources

Tripp J. Williams
County Extension Coordinator
University of Georgia

Williams, T.J.*1,
1 County Extension Coordinator, University of Georgia, Appling, GA, 30802

The Columbia County Environment Matters Lunch and Learn series is an educational program series to educate the public on the impact we have on the environment and highlight the resources the county offers to protect and provide an eco-friendly environment in Columbia County, Georgia. The series also satisfies the State of Georgia Environmental Protection mandate for public education on pollution prevention for the county. The Agriculture and Natural Resources agent, Tripp Williams, collaborated with the Columbia County Environmental Public Education Coordinator, Margaret Alligood, and the Greater Clarks Hill Regional Library Board to provide free classes to the public during lunchtime. The two-part structure of the program included an environmental presentation by the agent followed by a presentation by the coordinating Columbia County Department responsible for the prevention or oversight of the environmental matter.  The partnership with the library and local county departments enable the agent to engage a new audience for Extension. In addition, the designation of a lunchtime series allowed working individuals to attend. The agent created each presentation and presented at 14 monthly meetings reaching 492 participants. He also received $3,000 in-kind support from the Evans Library and $1,500 from the Columbia County Environmental Public Education Coordinator.