Search For Excellence in 4-H Programming

Mark Nelson
Agricultural Agent
Beaver County

*1, , Nelson, M.*2,
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2 Agricultural Agent, UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY, Beaver, UT, 84713

The 4-H Fridays program was established to meet the needs of local youth and to expand 4-H opportunities in Beaver county. In this program caring adults’ partner with youth in 4-H Friday clubs to provide an environment where youth can reach their full potential. Extension/4-H staff collaborated with the 4-H Advisory Council to develop a club model that reduces barriers for both youth and adults to engage in 4-H activities. Youth gain knowledge and skills and feel a sense of belonging through experiences with positive adult relationships. Objectives for the program include: Building skills and meeting the needs of youth and expanding opportunities through a variety of 4-H project areas. Our 4-H Fridays are also designed to recruit, train, support, and engage volunteers. 4-H Friday clubs are for 3rd – 6th grade youth and are held after school on Friday afternoons at local elementary schools. Clubs are led by 4-H volunteers. 4-H council members assist with project selection, volunteer identification and training. 4-H Discover Club curriculum is utilized to simplify leading clubs. Some of the impacts of this program include: Nine years of 4-H Fridays have positively impacted 858 youth, and 173 volunteers. Youth have learned communication, leadership, cooperation, and listening skills. Youth have made new friends, explored STEM subjects, and practiced leadership skills. Adults have benefited from serving their community and have encouraged others to lead clubs. Numerous project areas have been taught including archery, art, babysitting, cake decorating, aerodynamics, wildlife, and African safari. 4-H Fridays is an effective way to expand 4-H opportunities.