Search for Excellence in Crop Production

Michael R. Hiller

Jackson County

Hiller, M.R.*1,
1 CEA-AG/NR JACKSON CO., , Edna, TX, 77957

Row Crop production accounts for nearly 100 million dollars annually in Jackson County. Agricultural operating costs continue to rise nationwide while commodity prices remain low. Producers are forced to pay close attention to all production decisions - from farm program alternatives to fertilizer and pesticide choices. Commodity prices and flood or drought conditions have led to an increased interest in available choices to help stabilize crop yields and income from year to year. COVID-19 threw a big kink into everything from decreased commodity prices to worker safety. Increased weed resistance along with crop pests including sugarcane aphids, bollworms, and feral hogs have kept producers seeking answers from AgriLife Extension. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a practice that is encouraged to producers which can reduce input costs. Spraying crops is an ongoing practice to reduce pests when economic thresholds are reached. Producers are required by law to be trained and licensed to use regulated and restricted-use pesticides. License holders are required to receive continuing education to renew existing licenses.