Dailey, M.K.1; Burns, T. A.2; Savereno, A. J.3; Willey, R4; Broom, A.5
14-H Extension Agent, Clemson Extension, Walhalla, SC, 29691
24-H Assistant Director, Clemson Extension, Clemson, SC, 29634
3Wildlife Agent, Clemson Extension, Bishopville, SC, 29010
44-H Shooting Sports & Natural Resources Specialist, Clemson Extension, Clemson, SC, 29634
5Undergraduate Student, Clemson University, Clemson, SC, 29634


The Wildlife Habitat Education Program (WHEP) is a natural resources program aimed at teaching wildlife and fisheries habitat management and conservation to youth ages 9-18.  The program provides youth the opportunity to make real-life wildlife management decisions, tests their wildlife knowledge in a friendly competition, and exposes youth to potential career opportunities.  In an effort to build the program in South Carolina, an adult WHEP Educators Training was held for formal and non-formal educators, 4-H volunteers, and Extension agents to provide them with resources and hands-on experience to teach their students and 4-H members about wildlife. A mixed-method evaluation with a 5-point Likert scale and open-ended questions was used at the training.  All of the educators that attended the training (n = 21) agreed or strongly agreed that the training increased their skills in wildlife areas of interest to them, provided them information/resources to successfully lead a WHEP team, and gave them hands-on experience that will help them with future WHEP activities. In addition, 90% agreed or strongly agreed that the WHEP training made them more passionate about youth wildlife programs. Eight-one percent of these participants were new to WHEP. Projected reach of youth that would engage in WHEP following the training was 668 youth.  

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