Malisani, R.1
1Agent, Montana State University Extension, Great Falls, MT, 59404


The Green Thumb Gardening classes was a four-part, hands on, continuing educational series for novice gardeners.  The classes were from April to August covering topics from sowing seeds to harvesting vegetables.  The classes are focused on adults who cannot commit to the Master Gardner program but want to grow their own produce to feed their families.  Educational resources from Montana State University Extension, Colorado State University Extension, Michigan State University Extension, North Dakota State University Extension, University of Missouri Extension, Purdue Extension, Penn State Extension, and University of Maine Extension.  The four sessions were titled, “Spring into Gardening,” “Gardening 101,” “Greenhouse 101”, and “Harvesting 101.”  Montana State University Extension partnered with Bundi Gardens and River City Harvest Community Gardens to reach out to more adult learners on horticulture knowledge and insight to horticulture in Cascade County, Montana.  Twenty-one adult learners took the opportunity to learn from the Green Thumb Gardening classes from April to August 2019.  Their gardening knowledge ranged from novice to some experience growing vegetables and fruit at the first class.  By the end of the classes, the adult learners expressed their increased knowledge of gardening and planted successful gardens with the gardens producing hundreds of pounds of produce.   

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