Davidson, J. W.1; Payne, Geni2
1County Extension Coordinator - Russell County, Alabama Cooperative Extension Sysytem, Phenix City, AL, 36867
24-H Regional Agent, Alabama Extension|Russell County, Phenix City, AL 36867, no state given,  


The importance of locally sourcing foods has become an important factor for consumers in recent years.  According to USDA 2017 Census of Ag, direct to consumer food sales increased annually for over 10 years.  Students studying culinary arts in high school now will be the next generation of food consumer and procurer, whether personally or professionally.  While a large portion of Russell Counties agricultural output if in the forestry and timber industry, our communities sustains multigenerational cow-calf operations, poultry houses and processors as well as several organic dairy producers.  The purpose of this annual educational tour for the students enrolled in the culinary arts programs of Russell County High School and Central High school is to expose them to the rich agricultural resources of our county and for them to become more educated regarding locally sourced foods for their future. The students participate in pre and post tour evaluations.  

Questions about Russell County  included:      1. Name a food product that we produce?        2.  What is the most common process of producing beef cattle? 3.  What is our top agricultural commodity?

Most pre-tour answers were incorrect or "don't know" and post-tour answers were 87% to 100% correct.  Therefore, we have met our goal of introducing the students to local agriculture.



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