Evitts, J.1
1Extension Agent, UT Extension, HARTSVILLE, TN, 37074


Feeder Cattle Marketing Program

Evitts, J.¹; Hicks, C.²

¹ Extension Agent & County Director, University of Tennessee Extension, Trousdale County

² Extension Agent & County Director, University of Tennessee Extension, Smith County



Southeastern feeder cattle have long had a poor reputation in Western and Midwestern feedyards for animal health issues, lack of castration, and other generally accepted beef quality assurance practices. Tennessee and Trousdale County feeder calves are no different. When addressed with local producers to make improvements such as weaning, vaccinating, de-horning and castrating, the argument is always “well they will not pay me anymore for those shots, etc!” Through multiple educational meetings to address weaning, vaccinations, BQA practices, and marketing alternatives UT Extension brought awareness to the importance of these practices.

In partnership with Trousdale County Livestock Association, Trousdale County Livestock Market, and local veterinarians we came together to offer a local market for these weaned and vaccinated cattle. In the past 3 years, we have held 6 sales totaling 4,933 head of weaned and vaccinated feeder calves. Resulting in more than $210,393 in premiums to producers because the calves were weaned, graded and grouped in large lots. It also allowed for savings on reduced commission of $65,856.

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