Hawley, J.1; Crook, J2; Boggs, J3; Neal, N4; Benitez, JT5; Stanton, M6; Augustine, H7; Beuerlein, S8; Bonham, B9; Burns, R10; Deacon, M11; Emley, G12; Gressley, D13; Gulick, J14; Heinz, B15; Jorg, B16; Martini, K17; Palmieri, J18; Simmons, P19
1Extension Educator - Agriculture & Natural Resources, Purdue Extension, Aurora, IN, 47001
2Program Coordinator, Ohio State Extension, Cincinnati, OH, 45223
3Assistant Professor, Ohio State Extension, Cincinnati, OH, 45223
4Extension Educator, OSU Extension, Owensville, OH, 45160
5Extension Educator, Ohio State Extension, Hamilton, OH, 45011
6Extension Agent, Kentucky Extension, Covington, KY, 41015
7Advisor/Committee Member, Cincinnati State College, Cincinnati, OH, 45223
8Manager, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens, Cincinnati, OH, 45220
9Committee Member, Arborist, Cincinnati, OH, 45223
10Committee Member, Hyde Park Landscaping, Cincinnati, OH, 45226
11Program Chair, Cincinnati State College, Cincinnati, OH, 45223
12Committee Member, Certified Arborist, Cincinnati, OH, 45223
13Director of Horticulture, Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum, Cincinnati, OH, 45232
14Principal, Urbancanopy Works, Union, KY, 41091
15Supervisor of Horticulture, Supervisor of Horticulture, Cincinnati, OH, 45232
16Manager of Native Plant Programs, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens, Cincinnati, OH, 45220
17Committee Member, OSU Extension, Cincinnati, OH, 45246
18Committee Member, Target Specialty Products, Cincinnati, OH, 45246
19Committee Member, Turpin Farms, Cincinnati, OH, 45250


The purpose of the annual Tri-State Green Industry Conference (GIC) is to provide training that is both relevant and timely. For over eighty years, professionals in the green industry, including arborists, tree-care specialists, greenhouse and garden center managers, turf experts, and many others have flocked to the GIC for the latest industry research and professional recommendations. The 2020 GIC featured 8 training tracks with 33 speakers making 35 teaching presentations.

Survey results from the 2020 GIC demonstrated continued knowledge gain and behavior change among participants. On a scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree), participants strongly agreed with a rating of 4.61 that the 2020 Tri-State GIC ranks at the top of educational programs they have attended. Additionally, participants agreed with a rating of 4.31 that they will change some of their horticultural practices based on new knowledge gained from the Tri-State GIC.

The program celebrated record attendance in 2020, with 871 total participants. This represents a fifteen percent (15%) growth from 2019. Additionally, the GIC's Trade Show featured 37 for-profit exhibitors and 10 non-profit display tables, reflecting the importance of the event to commercial entities, non-profits, bulk suppliers, and hiring managers.

Professional credits and continuing education units (CEUs) support the advancement and economic health of green industry businesses. Pesticide applicators are required by law to be licensed and valid licenses are maintained through earning recertification credits. The 2020 Tri-State GIC provided pesticide recertification credits for Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. This multi-state collaborative effort includes contributions from extension professionals representing Ohio State Extension, Kentucky Extension, Purdue Extension and four other non-extension partners.

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