Flores, L.1; Penrose, C.*2
1Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, Morgan Co., Ohio State University Extension, MCCONNELSVILLE, OH, 43756
2Professor & Extension Educator, Morgan Co., Ohio State University Extension, MCCONNELSVILLE, OH, 43787


Ohio is one of the largest egg farming states in the nation. Egg Embryology has historically been an in-school educational program designed for primary school students in a “classroom” environment. This method has been a successful learning tool for many years. OSU Extension has been working with the local library on educational programs and the topic of an Egg Embryology class was discussed. In 2018, an interactive program was provided at the county library. Youth and adults were provided a presentation on the basics of Egg Embryology and development, then youth participated in “hands on” activities to better under the parts of an egg. To generate interest, the incubator with eggs was placed on the main counter of the library so the public could monitor the progress. Community interest started to grow and a “countdown” to hatching became a topic of interest. People started to visit the library on a more frequent basis and more books were checked out, particularly on this and related agricultural topics. When the chicks started to hatch, adults brought in children to see the chicks and learn more. After a request for another community learning event in 2019, the 4-H Educator obtained new teaching curriculum to enhance the program through a partnership with GrowNextGen, a career exploration organization and the Ohio Soybean Association. The 4-H and Ag Educator will work with the library staff to develop a more in-depth and interactive program for 2020. As a result, there has been more community interest for the program, and new and strengthened partnerships with local organizations.  There has also been increased utilization of the local library, Extension working with the library for additional community programs, and a renewed interest from local schools.

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