Kammler, K.1
1Field Specialist in Horticulture, UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI EXTENSION, SAINTE GENEVIEVE, MO, 63670-9250


Bug Bingo was created for Conservation Field Day for third and fourth graders in 2010 and has been taught every year since.  The challenge was creating a lesson that could be repeated eight times in one day in 25-minutes sessions with each remaining consistent. Bug Bingo eliminates that problem.  I have laminated pictures of 30 different the insects, with basic information about each insect written on the back. The bingo cards are also laminated and dried beans are used to cover the squares.  The youth guess the insect identification then we talk about beneficial insects versus pests.  They love playing until it is time to switch sessions.  Conservation Field Day is for third and fourth graders so I can observe impact when they return the next year and remember the insect identification and if they are beneficial or a pest.  Other specialists can use the game with little knowledge of insects and it has become popular with specialists around the state for youth activities.  Program impacts include increased knowledge of common insects, beneficial and pests, problem solving skills, and helping eliminate fear of insects that might bite or sting.

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