Dill, S. P.1; Little, N.G.2; Potts, S.3; Grev, A.4
1Extension Educator - AGNR, University of Maryland Extension, EASTON, MD, 21601
2Extension Educator - AGNR, University of Maryland Extension, Baltimore City, MD, 21215
3Extension Educator - AGNR, University of Maryland Extension, Keeysville, MD, 21756
4Extension Educator - AGNR, University of Maryland Extension, Keedysville, MD, 21756


Needs assessments are an important tool for Extension Educators in order to develop programs, allocate resources, and professional development. The University of Maryland Extension (UME) has conducted a number of agricultural needs assessments over the past five years. These assessments were designed to assist UME in three areas which include: understanding issues concerning farmers, identifying educational needs and focusing UME agricultural training resources.

The research was conducted between 2015 and 2019 and include four separate commodity and geographic locations intentionally selected by Extension Educators. Each survey included four sections 1) agricultural priorities, concerns and viability, 2) research and education needs, 3) education and training preferences and 4) demographic and farm information.  Results were received from over 500 farmers through paper or online surveys.  

Results have been used by educators and administration to direct Extension programming. This poster will highlight the needs assessment tools and process than could be adopted and replicated. 

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