Perkins, J. K.1; Johnson S.B.2
1CEA- Staff Chair, University of Arkansas, LONOKE, AR, 72086
2CEA - Agriculture, University of Arkansas, Lonoke, AR, 72086


       The need to educate our community about leadership is a tremendous responsibility of county agents.  Leadership development programs provide benefits to both individuals and the entire community.  Leadership programs can assist in identifying issues of community interest, support engagement, build relationships between community-based organizations, and foster new and inspired leaders. Today’s population is technology oriented and do not get the opportunity to experience more traditional leadership roles.  Tremendous educational opportunities are always present at county, district and state activities.  These avenues give the leaders an opportunity to exhibit their leadership skills. One example is the Lonoke County Leadership program, which provides leaders with the opportunity to improve their leadership skills.  It is through educational programs that they acquire the knowledge needed to showcase knowledge gained in a community setting in Lonoke County each year.  Educational impact of this program is measured through various means; some of which are leadership in 4-H, EHC and Master Gardeners, specifically leadership related projects and assumed leadership roles.  Evaluations will continue throughout the life of this program and we would like to share this information with other agents in the NACAA.

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